Triad Denture Service
Triad Denture Service


For only $1200 you are given the best quality denture available. You will be provided with top of the line fit and finish. Our dentist personally takes your impressions guaranteeing that the quality is second to none. Next our dentist evaluates your denture at the wax try-in appointment which assures that you have the look and feel that you need. This makes certain we have the best esthetics possible. At this point, your new denture can be customized to the highest degree possible. You can have the movie star smile if you like, or if you prefer a more natural look the choice is yours. You and the dentist work together at this point so that you have the smile of your dreams. Lastly, our dentist personally fits your denture at the time of delivery to ensure that the comfort of your new denture is maximized. Your doctor makes sure that your denture looks and feels the way that you like. At Triad, your dentist is always there for you and gives you the personal treatment you deserve.


This denture is only 2/3 the cost of our Premium Denture at $899 but it also comes with a 1 year warranty against tooth loss and breakage. This denture is for the more budget conscious denture wearer. Although this denture does not use the same high end materials of our Premium denture you do still have the advantage of our premium fit. The doctor still takes all of your impressions and personally adjust your denture as needed.


This is the last resort but sometimes it is necessary to patch your existing denture in a pinch. We provide this service and usually we can have your denture back the same day. For as little as $150 you can be back smiling and eating with your old denture. We always recommend replacing a broken or severely worn denture but at times it is not always possible. So this alternative is an effective way to get you to your new denture. Our strong, almost invisible, seamless repairs can give you hope when all seems lost in an emergency. Give us a call to set up your 1 hour repair.



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